Discerning knowledge of the Founder of the 2999 yuan BIG2 classic black

by Zou himfr

With the tide of more network Chung Yue Meng, people start to buy players to experience the kind of Internet access “everywhere ONLINE” feeling. At present, the flourishing of all kinds of Internet access, Founder BIG2 small black this is a classic one of the Internet this.

Founder BIG2 black aesthetic of the airframe using black as the main colors, wear cap site selection and three-dimensional sense of a stronger two-color injection molding process, with arc-shaped stripes, fashion show full of artistic design . Inlay on top there is “FOUNDER” word LOGO, due to the strong sense of transparent material, when we actually observe the shining LOGO shiny metal floating in the cap has on the effectiveness of the entire notebook to create a noodle A clever layering.

Massive, high-speed storage to meet the user storage Match Friends, Self-timer all the needs of DV. At the same time, because the use of the 160G’s SATA hard disk as a storage medium, providing the same with the mainstream notebook storage capacity. High-speed SATA hard disk transfer rate, ensuring long-term efficient operation of the machine. In protecting the stability of the BIG2 reliability while ensuring the sustainable use of battery time, a reduction of job noise, bring the user to use the quiet environment, to health and safety protection provided.

At 2999 prices, the Founder BIG2 configuration 1G memory, very high cost. Coupled with solid, at the same time to improve notebook cooling can effectively protect the notebook’s core components, improve the safety factor notebook for users to provide a lot of convenience.

In addition Founder BIG2 at first used the EDGE module (high-threshold allocation models) allows users easier access to the Internet, Bluetooth module is equipped with (limited to high-allocation models) also make this this a more portable communication performance. Users only need to remove the battery, you can find EDGE module SIM card socket.

Laptop as a frequently used office tools, in use will inevitably encounter some compatibility issues with hardware and software. Founder Technology, as a veteran national manufacturers, service industries are recognized to be a strength, for this couple this example, will give a strong protection. Founder Technology has a service network covering the whole country, covering more than 350 city reached to authorize the Service Engineer teams Tatsu certification more than 3,000, you can be found http://www.foundertech.com/service/index.htm, relax inquiries from Founder Technology your nearest customer service center. Founder Technology has a customer contact center seating call 400, a unified service hotline :4006-000-666 provides 7 * 10 * 365 (every day, 7 days a week * 10 hours * 365 days) of artificial uninterrupted service, even if the holidays can also be access to services. Founder Technology and innovation characteristics of digital services is more applicable to younger groups. Just add [email protected] for MSN friends, you can start with the Founder Engineer robot chat, access to computer use and maintenance of problem solutions, but also hardware and software knowledge, training and other services. At the same time also developed a video customer contact centers, this form will not only allow college students interested in times, and immediately be able to solve the problem. BIG2 Founder notebook key components such as motherboards, memory, display, etc. Since the date of purchase within two years to provide warranty service, you can rest assured that use.

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