Diet options in Pennsylvania lapband

Find out more about Pennsylvania lap band surgery ! The procedure’s safety is evident in the fact that nearly all patients do home the same day of the surgery. Only in rare situations would your surgeon need to make a large incision during your surgery.

Let’s review a few specific complications for gastric band surgery.

Lap Band Slippage

This is when the stomach slips up and through the band. Some surgeons report that this occurs in about 2 – 4% of their cases. If this happens there a few options. In some mild cases, simply removing fluid from the band, which loosens the restriction, may be enough for the stomach to relax and go back into position.

That being said, some companies will of course require documentation that this surgery is in fact the best option for your particular circumstance. In this case, the documentation they seek is a letter stating the medical necessity of having this surgery, which can be provided by your doctor. Funny how, even when we’re grown up, we still seem to need doctor’s notes. That said, the company will look for specific information, such as the length of time you’ve been struggling with your condition. Side effects of your condition and of course, how long you’ve tried to beat it and what methods you’ve used. ~In short, they are looking for a relatively detailed medical history centering around your weight loss issues.

Finally, what happens if your company excludes weight loss surgery coverage? Well, one option of course is to switch companies. Another is to appeal the decision again with a letter from your doctor. Although if you like your insurance company, this may seem a good route to take, perhaps the faster one would be just to switch entirely. Just remember that no matter what you do, when it comes to lap band insurance coverage, you need to be prepared.