Description of Financial Goals

by Mary O. Donlaw

What exactly is a financial goal? Do you have any idea? It’s okay if you don’t. They are actually quite simple and easy to understand. To make it even easier for you, we are going to discuss financial goals here.

Yes, financial goals are simple. It is usually when you have to spend money on a large purchase or to pay off a large purchase you bought already. Either way, you’re paying for something. It might be an overlooked purchase or it could be something much smaller, but it is a goal for you.

How long does your financial goal have to be for? There is no rule to this, it should be however long or short you need it to be. It could be a month, or it could be 50 years. It is your financial goal, it is completely up to you.

Do you still understand what a financial goal really is? I’ll give you some examples of financial goals. All of the following are considered financial goals and are common financial goals: saving a down payment for a house or paying off a house, buying a brand-new car or even a used car, paying off your credit card debt or loans, setting up a plan and saving for your retirement, paying for your kid’s college in the future, or whatever other financial goals you may have that are similar to these.

When you set up a financial goal you need to make it reasonable. For example, if you’re only making $40,000 a year you can expect to be able to save for a $40,000 down payment for a home in a year. This is because this is the only amount of money you make any. You’d have to save every penny that you make, which is very unreasonable.

When do you need to save money by? This is important to keep in mind because you have a certain amount of time to say for you will need that and a certain amount of time as well. As we already mentioned, be very reasonable and think about things before you go right into it.

Have you come up with any financial goals of your own? You can do that now that you know what a financial goal is. Don’t just think about anything, make sure it’s something unique. You don’t want to waste your time and money on anything that you don’t really need. Think carefully and start planning.

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