Delete Internet History- An Easy Guide

There could be many reasons to want to delete internet history. If you want to do this as routine maintenance, follow these easy steps to get it done with quickly.

This article will explain the deletion process for today’s two most popular browsers-Internet Explorer and Firefox. The processes are very similar. I will go through the steps for Internet Explorer 8 in detail. Then a brief overview of the steps for Firefox will follow.

Internet Explorer 8-How to Delete Your Browsing History. This browser saves your browsing history for twenty days without your having to do anything. You may want to clear your history before the twenty days has elapsed.

Step 1-Find the TOOLS menu at the top of your screen. Click it to reveal a drop-down list.

This menu gives you some choices.

Step 2-The final choice on the drop-down menu is ” Internet Options.” When you click here, you will bring up an option box.

Step 3- You will now see a new box on your screen. Go to ” Browsing History” option. It is on the second line.

tep 4- You have now activated another box. Go to ” History'” and click. The box beside the word history will now be check marked. Below, at the foot of the box, click the button marked ” Delete.”

Step 5- A small information box now appears on your screen. A graphic shows an animation of files being discarded into a garbage can. You are asked to wait until this process is completed. A larger information box also appears on the screen. When the animation stops running, the deletion of your Internet History is almost complete. Now, if you are sure you want to delete the history, click OK at the bottom of this box. If you have decided not to go through with the deletion, click “Cancel.”

You have now deleted your Internet History on your Internet Explorer 8 browser. In Firefox the process is similar- as follows.

1. Select ” Tools.”

2. Next go to “Options.” Then press the ” Privacy, ” button.

3 Select “History.” Now click “Privacy.”

4. Select ” Clear.”

Your Firefox browsing history is now gone. That was pretty easy, right?

Now that you have learned how to delete internet history, your privacy is assured. Also your machine is now ready for further use. Surf away!

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