Creating A Trademark For A Home Business Opportunity Online

by Myles Krueger

It is always important to protect yourself and your assets as a business owner of a home business opportunity online. One of the first ways to do this is by getting a trademark approved by the US government in order to protect your company name. This will be important down the road as you get bigger.

The office through which you trademark is called the United States Patent and Trademark Office. If you go online to their website you will actually find that they provide a form called the Trademark Electronic Application System of the TEAS where you can finish most of the process at their website with step by step direction.

You will probably have to pay around $325 to get the trademark, but that depends on what you want to get done. If this is your first time going through this process make sure that you have thorough help with this. The USPTO actually gives an all day phone number that you can call whenever you want to assist people with questions that they have about filing for a trademark.

They can only do so much for you because they are not trained to help with business philosophy or branding so I suggest that you find yourself a good lawyer that will actually help you through this whole process to find a branded name that you can trademark that will benefit you and your company. They are great to bounce ideas off of so you can get a general direction on how to approach this process.

This can be overwhelming and the approval process can be tedious because it can take several months for them to approve or not approve this trademark. They can be denied if they feel that your name is too general or if you are infringing upon another companies trademark.

Whether you are an American citizen or not there is little to worry about because you can still fill out the application either way. You will need to have an EIN number if you don’t have a SSN. If you are out of the states you can actually have a representative like a lawyer fill out the form and in behalf of you.

With how complicated this can be make sure that you keep your name somewhat arbitrary because you never know how your company may change in the next decade or so and your company name might not end up applying to whatever it is that you are now doing. This will save you a lot of hassle of having to go through this process again and develop a whole new brand.

Now that you have figured out a trademark and have it approve take some time to enjoy it because you have possibly your first piece of intellectual property. This will be a lifesaver down the road as you face stiff competition and get bigger.

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