Crazy Car Prices At Government Seized Car Auctions

In today’s uncertain economic times, governments the world over are putting schemes into overdrive as a way to increase revenues. So they’ve taking the format of government seized car auctions and worked out if they increased the number of them, then the treasury could rake in more money. So far in the USA this year there has been over 300 car auctions. It also coincides with the fact that people are no longer willing to spend throw vast amounts of money away on new cars, which only depreciate rapidly, especially if they know they can get them for less.

There has also been an increase in government seized car auctions on the internet. In the good old days auctions were restricted to size, times and locations. Now the internet has provided everyone the opportunity of attending an auction, without actually being there, so there is more potential buyers looking in as well.

Government seized car auctions provide numerous benefits for buyers. For one, these cars have been associated with criminals or ‘tax thieves’, so government clerks don’t mind selling them at incredibly low prices. This provides the public with a great opportunity to drive away in a top of the range car.

There will of course be professional car dealers at the auctions looking to increase their stock piles with the finances to pay higher prices than most. And because some government seized car auctions only display higher spec cars, these auctions may not be for the ordinary punter looking for an average cheap car. But if you have a little extra to spare you can pick up an exceptional auto at sub market prices here.

Now, the public have the choice of many different auctions. It can be seized auto auctions, salvage repair auctions and private auctions. This can work out nicely to your budget and requirements. But one of the plusses of a government seized auto auction is that you can pay by cashier’s check, credit card, money order or hard cold cash.

Before you attend any government seized car auction you should research into the market value of cars. You should take a close look at trade industry prices so you can know how much you could save on each potential sale. Set your budget and do not go over it. You could be driving home soon in the car of your dreams.

Garry Knight is huge motoring fan with a mission to let the public know about the savings available at government seized car auctions. Most people have heard of salvage car auctions but no nothing about the benefits of state run auctions.

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