Comparison Of The Apple iPhone 3G and 2G Models

by Dave Sanders

The latest news reports show that the new Apple iPhone 3G is taking the world by storm! It is currently one of the top selling and most requested products on Ebay. Have you gotten yours yet?

The much anticipated release of the Apple iPhone 3G exceeded all expectations, with features that blow away the 2nd generation iPhones. Here are five reasons why everyone is so excited:

1. The number one reason for the ruckus is that the new Apple iPhone 3G now gives you the capability to add third party applications. Already the iTunes App Store has a huge number of applications for both business and entertainment. Opening it up to other companies to develop authorized iPhone applications has started a frenzy of companies clamoring to give you the biggest and the best there is in the way of increased functionality. This one capability means that what you can do with your iPhone is virtually unlimited, as better and better applications get invented.

2. As phenomenal as the first reason, the new Apple iPhone 3G now gives you access to higher Internet speeds. Super sonic is just one way to describe it. Compared to the 2nd generation models, everything you do on the Net is now better and faster. Webpages show up faster, audio and video media download faster for an enhanced experience, and file downloads don’t take up as much of your time.

3. The enhanced email functions of the new Apple iPhone 3G give you more options with your email – more accounts and faster, more reliable email service.

4. If you are a gaming enthusiast, you’ll really enjoy the new gaming capabilities of the Apple iPhone 3G. Better controls and exciting new iPhone games released for this newest model mean that you can now take your games with you. The thrills of gaming are now portable. No longer are you locked in to staying at home to finish a game on your home-bound game console. Throughout your day, anytime you have to wait for something or stand in a line, you can now whip out your trusty iPhone and enjoy a game. Boring moments are a thing of the past, thanks to this new iPhone.

5. Besides all the awesome new features, the Apple iPhone 3G also delivers improved call quality and speakerphone quality over the 2nd generation models. You can hear the person on the other end of your call louder and clearer, without that distracting buzzing in the background!

There is virtually no comparison between this new model and the older ones. The Apple iPhone 3G almost makes the 2nd generation models look like toys. That’s how much difference there is. Try one out for yourself, and discover the joys of this wave of the future.

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