Commercial Office Rent: Tips And Secrets

As a small business owner, it can be very challenging to grow your business, remain profitable, and maintain a balance in life with your family. Some property managers can manage 50-100 properties without the need of a full time employee or commercial office. However, once the portfolio exceeds 100 units, an owner needs to consider hiring an employee and opening a commercial office.

One of the best decisions I ever made was to purchase an office condo. As a property manager and landlord, I don’t mind having mortgage debt as long as someone else pays the mortgage. Why not apply the same concept with a commercial office. I own two separate commercial office condos that are about 1,000 sqft. each. We sublease 50% of the space to our mortgage broker, attorney, and real estate sales agents. Our office condo has a dedicated conference room, and a shared reception area, bathroom, and kitchen. Our tenants use the conference room by appointment, and we offer free usage of our fax machine, printer, and digital scanner/sender. Hi-speed internet is included, and our tenants setup a separate phone line or VOIP system through our internet connection. Our phone system also supports multiple companies with separate business lines offering full voice mail and voice attendant.

The monthly cost of renting an office will vary in cost depending on location and your local market. Renting an equivalent office in our market would cost $1,500-$2,000 per month after paying rent, internet, phone lines, and utilities. If the lease is a triple net lease requiring you to pay property taxes, it can be even more costly. There is a huge demand for small business owners needing to lease a small commercial suite to conduct business or meet customers. Many small businesses can’t afford the overhead cost of leasing a larger office. Many businesses compliment a property management firm. Consider subleasing to a real estate attorney, sales agent who works with an investment group, insurance agent, mortgage broker, or contractor.

Take the time to honestly evaluate your choices and evaluate your personal and professional state of affairs before making a down payment on a piece of retail space for rent for your organization.

Next you need to ensure the property is right for your needs. If what you truly need is an Office North London, storefront in any other location isn’t going to meet your needs.

Find a real estate agent who deals specifically with retail space for rent in your location of choice. Lean on them to find additional properties as they become available and weed out the places that don’t comply with your needs.

Owning your commercial can make your business more profitable, if you sell your business in the future. You could package the business and office together for sale, or sell the business only and keep the office and lease to new owner. Both scenarios are attractive offerings to a future buyer.

I encourage property managers to consider making the investment to purchase an owner occupied office and sublease to business professionals. Not only can you have a free office, you may generate business leads from your business tenant relationships.

The gurus hate it when their personal secrets about retail office space for rent get exposed! Now they’re fuming mad about this site commercial office rent and trying to shut it down.

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