China-made wireless telephones overseas try to revive the trade items

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“Shannon wall wall flower,” which has been made in recent years gave the impression cell phones. At home was “foreign brand” under serious pressure, made a lot of mobile phones including cottage machine exports in overseas markets have been relatively active. But by the financial crisis, China-made mobile phones in the past six months repeatedly frustrated in the export business. However, recently held in Shenzhen in 2009 and the spring of mobile cross-border procurement of customized global summit on China-made mobile phones in general showed strong tone, trying to revive the momentum of overseas exports.

Warmer in the seek from the new aerodrome

Began in October 2008, the global economic crisis caused by the domestic mobile phone exports fell sharply. In particular, the economic crisis affected not only developed countries, is also involved in the developing countries. The domestic mobile phone is the major overseas export markets in Asia, Africa, Latin America and other developing countries. Customs statistics show that 1-February a total domestic exports of mobile phones and parts thereof 6.47 billion U.S. dollars, than the same period in 2008 decreased by 17.2 percentage points. By the impact of export restrictions, domestic mobile phone production fell substantially. According to the Ministry of information industry and the latest data, 1-2 production in China’s mobile phone 79,672,000 yuan, down 11.2%.

However, from the beginning of February, “warmer” to show the initial situation. Customs data also showed that although the January to February this year, year-on-year decline in exports, but in February of domestic exports of mobile phones and its components is about 3.598 billion U.S. dollars, representing 25.3 percent growth in January. The summit on mobile phones in Shenzhen, China-made mobile phones overseas markets is still the potential value. Changhong’s mobile phone business communications company that rainbow country, the Chinese mobile phone when the sharp drop in exports, the National Rainbow Communications has been the development of overseas business as a strategic focus, and look forward to in 2009 to double its overseas sales.

International market study firm Gartner approximated in 2009 the general international handset market will shrink almost 10%, this is the first time ever; but at the identical time, as of the end of 2008, the world’s 4.1 billion wireless telephone users, wireless telephone penetration rate come to 61.1% , of which about 2 / 3 of wireless telephone users in evolving countries. At present, ZTE, Huawei has been more thriving in the layout of the appearing markets overseas, and Cool, Konka, for example the layout of household emblems are furthermore hardworking in appearing markets overseas, by commanding the cost of overseas goods to enhance market competitiveness.

Looking for a innovation from the made-to-order

The summit on mobile phones in Shenzhen, active Yemen Mobile, India, RELIANCE, India, TATA, Bell Telecommunications Philippines, etc. 30 countries and regions, mainly in telecommunications operators in overseas buyers, purchasing intentions of millions of mobile phone products covered by double mobile phone network to be dual, dual-card double question, CDMA mobile phones, CMMB mobile phones. Custom made mobile phones have also become a breakthrough in mobile phone to overseas.

Cool, boss vice leader revealed that CoolPAD take the pattern of merchandise customization and operators to the Vietnamese market as the innovation issue, the fast expansion into India, Nigeria and other countries. Cool with India’s biggest CDMA operator RELIANCE together financed the establishment of junction projects, the Indian market as a dual-standby dual-card leader. CDMA market in India, the share of ZTE wireless telephones has gone after the Samsung, LG.

In view of the characteristics of emerging markets, consumer habits and consumption levels, features customized to become another China-made mobile phone practices. Huawei’s customized specifically for the Indonesian market in hot pursuit of the C2802 are listed less than a month, sales exceeded 300,000; for the Middle East market, the National Rainbow Communications menu in the function of a single “Islamic” features. Customize these features for the ZTE, Cool, Huawei and other domestic brands in overseas markets to win a lot of intention to purchase orders.

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