Cheap Domain Names – Effective Steps

by Bruce Hoover

To view a website a person has to type in its domain name or Uniform Resource Locater (usually shortened to URL) The string of characters that is entered is normally a phrase or word telling us a business or product name, a site name or a description of the content of the site. There is a vital difference between the domain names offered at no cost and those offered by companies that specialize in cheap domain names. A free web hosting company will not usually want to invest in a new domain name and so will usually offer domains that are extensions of their own name to their customers.

A third level domain name includes the original hosting companies name as part of the address that must be typed in. This causes a bit of trouble with the name being long and with the extra bit tricky to recollect. Of course buying your own unique name will make the domain shorter and easier to remember. There are many cheap domain name companies so finding an affordable one is quite easy.

The usual price range for a cheap domain name is from free up to seven dollars. To get a free domain name a customer must usually pay for web hosting, so it is still being paid for. Paying for a domain name usually means that you can get it without a bundles web hosting package. You can pay anything from one dollar up for a paid for domain name.

A customer must follow the same process for registering a domain name whether they bought a cheap domain name or paid a regular price. When purchasing a domain name, checking that it is still available for purchase is the first step. To check this availability a customer must enter the name that they want into a text box and then select the domain extension that they want. The page will then tell them is the domain name is taken or not, if it is then they can purchase it, if not they will have to decide on a different name. If the desired name is occupied then helpful companies will usually offer some suggestions for different names.

What are the disadvantages of using cheap domain names? Unfortunately dishonest companies are the biggest one – a person may not receive their domain name at all if they use one of them. What often happens is that the company tells the customer that they have to wait, typically less than a week, for the domain to activate. Unfortunately after waiting a few days the domain is still not active, and it is no use emailing an unscrupulous company as they won’t do anything.

A good first step to making sure that a person hasn’t found a fraudulent company is to check with the better Business Bureau and find out if the cheap domain name company is registered. The Better Business Bureau makes sure that companies are operating legitimately. A second step to making sure that a business is not fraudulent is to make sure they the cheap domain name company has the usual land based address and phone number. Thirdly, visit some message boards that cater to webmasters and see if the company has a bad reputation there.


If no one has ever dealt with the company you may want to get alternative suggestions for a reputable company. This is the sole disadvantage to getting a domain with a reputable and cheap domain name company. The way that domain names work takes no account of how much they cost, so if a person can get cheap domain names through a legitimate company then they should take advantage of it.

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