Cell Phone Screen Protectors – Tips For Protecting Your Cell Phone

by John Jacobi

Cell phone screen protectors are thin pieces of plastic that protects your electronic device from everyday wear and tear. You probably bought your phone because of the functionality and overall looks, so why not invest in a protector that allows you to keep your phone looking like new. As you have noticed with your old cell phones, they are not worth much money if you would try to sell them. When using a screen size or full size protector, your phone will still look like new when you’re done with it, and it will let you sell your phone for a decent price.

Choose a screen protector that has a lifetime warranty. There is a variety of product in the market that will extend the life of your phone and last a very long time. It is not a good idea to buy protectors that come in bargain packs of 5, 10, even 20; these items are sold as multiples because they will wear out quickly.

Select a screen protector that will safeguard the entire cell phone, rather than just a portion of it. A clear, ultralight film that wraps the cell phone tightly will protect your cell phone completely, as opposed to a case. Cases gather dirt, grime, and simply fail to keep the phone from scrapes and scratches that deflate its value severely. A clear film eliminates the distance between the protection and the phone, which gives the phone the security you are looking for.

Pick a screen protector that doesnt get in your way. Since your time is valuable, you dont want to mess around with a protector that is going to impair your ability to actually use your phone the way you need to. Be sure that the protector you get lets you operate your phone and still helps it retain the squeaky clean, polished feel it had when you bought it.

While you can never keep your phone 100% damage free, investing in a cell phone screen protector is a tremendous step to really taking care of your phone. You want a protector that will last a long time, envelope the whole phone without getting in the way, and do what you buy it for- to keep the value of your phone from plummeting every time you drop it. Since an ultralight clear film meets all of these requirements, it is clearly the best choice of screen protector out there.

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