Celestron SkyScout Personal Planetarium

by James Hayden Rayburn

Celestron SkyScout has gone through months of experiments in various weather conditions and it has survived them all! You can take this wonderful gadget to a breezy terrain or a humid forest; it would give you the same excellent performance as it is expected to. SkyScout is so compact, about a size of a camcorder, it could easily fit into your back pack making it perfect for outdoor expeditions.

Celestron is handheld, portable and a non-magnifying viewing device which can identify and locate more than 50,000 celestial objects including all that is visible through naked eye. The GPS technology will automatically locates your position on the Earth and the time and date of observation. It is run by 2 AA flashlight batteries which could run up to 6 hours of continual operation. You don’t have to align SkyScout to the sky or hold it in a particular level because its 3-axis sensor measures the Earth’s Gravitational and magnetic fields to determine its true orientation to the Earth.

Celestron SkyScout is made for all ages. You don’t need to be a ‘Rocket Scientist’ in operating SkyScout. You just have to point to the object you want to view and SkyScout’s illuminated 5-lined LED scrolling display gives you a scrolling commentary and history about that object. You will also get earplugs included so you can listen to the commentaries without taking your eyes off the object

The SkyScout database includes: – Your get an introduction to astronomy with the help of a audio; tells you is history and origin – Information about more than 36,000 stars, planets, all 88 constellations, 20 periodic comets, 10 asteroids and 25 stars with known planets. You can also download up to 100 objects from the Celestron website. – If the star you locate is part of a constellation, it will lead you to a tour through all the stars in that constellation, accompanied by an onscreen map of the constellation. – A glossary of astronomy jargons including planets, comets, galaxies etc. – Text biographies on some of the world’s greatest astronomers. – Text descriptions on some of the man made space objects – Text descriptions of history’s most famous comets.

The SkyScout’s operating system and database can be updated by downloading the latest information about orbits of space shuttles or the locations of passing comets, from the Celestron website. It can be done with the help of the built-in USB port and supply cable which can be connected to your PC.

For $199, SkyScout makes astronomy fun and more entertaining!

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