Can Your Business Benefit From Management Training?

by Bart Icles

Business isn’t perfect, it’s actually very far from perfect. Every employer, I don’t care who it is, faces internal problems that include but aren’t limited to, employee differences, failure to meet company expectations and goals, and lack of productivity from employees. Sadly, these problems and many others usually come back to land on the shoulders of the organizations leadership team or upper managers. These issues have to be addressed by the leaders of the company to ensure that things don’t get further out of control.

If you are leader in your current company, you should really consider the following scenarios that I have put together to illustrate what kinds of problems you should be on the lookout for in the work place. Each of these problems can be resolved very easily with the right management training.

Attitude- Steve Johnson is an employee who radiates a lot of anger and always has a negative outlook on his job tasks that have been assigned to him. Not only does his negativity and anger affect his work, but it also affects his co-workers and others around him in the office. They too are starting to adopt his poor behavior and attitude. As his supervisor, you are very frustrated with him and have reached the end of your rope with others who he is influencing.

Communication- Sara Anderson has failed to show up for work for the last three days. The problem is, her managers have never enforced a strict policy about calling in sick for work, so she assumed that she could get away with a few days of not showing up for her shift or contacting her manager about missing work. She decides to come back, only when she wants to come back to work. She honestly believes that there will not by any repercussions when she is approached by her manager since there isn’t clear cut rule when it comes to be absent from work.

Productivity- Joe Boyer is a new employee with the firm and has been added to a team of veterans to the company. Being too busy with their own assignments and projects they are managing, they fail to train Joe properly. They believed that he would quickly pick things up and gain the knowledge he needed by watching them do their work. Suddenly, one of the veteran workers will be out of town for the next four to six weeks and you feel shorthanded.

Have you or your company every experienced any of these issues? Are your company policies ignored or challenged by the employees? Are your employees unclear about their duties or projects they are assigned? Are your employees motivated, or are simply there for a paycheck?

If you answered yes to one or more of these questions, you have a problem. The good news is, with the right management training, leaders and managers of your company can develop new skills that will better help them manage their teams and develop working environments where employees are empowered and engaged. This is important for a successful business.

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