Cabin Crew Recruitment – A Special Job For Special People

Cabin crew recruitment is something that airlines do, but it does not happen all the time, an you need to know they are looking for very special staff. It takes unique qualities to become a cabin crew member and it not the easiest work field to get into.

By no means are cabin crew glorified waiters or waitresses, there is far more of intrinsic value attached to this job. The first person the customer encounters when they board the plane is the cabin crew and this is their first point o f contact as well as when first impressions of the airline as a whole are made. So they ambassadors for the airline!

They are highly trained individuals who understand that passengers may have a fear of flying and their key function is to deal with the safety and security of all travelers, particularly during situations of emergency. They also assist with boarding, any other assistance during the flight and disembarking.

The cabin crew is briefed prior to every flight regarding a particular situation or variable that may be expected, such as weather etc. They also ensure that the cabin of the plane has been properly cleaned and is tidy and well stocked before the passengers’ board. They check vital cabin equipment including emergency medical stores.

In matters pertaining to ground staff, they also liaise, checking passenger seating numbers, make sure the passengers are belted in and secure hand luggage. All in-flight emergency procedures are demonstrated by cabin crew, and they are also responsible for taking control should an emergency situation arise. In many instances they help passengers compete any necessary travel documents and file flight reports.

This job is no 9-5 job, the hours are unsociable, they work nights, weekends and public holidays too. Flights don’t stop for Christmas. There is no typical weekly routine and a rota system is controls who works and who doesn’t, and things can change quickly, so cabin crew have to be very flexible.

They work as a team, generally in pairs while on the flight, and may work, long, short or both haul flights. It just depends on what flights are running and who is, or isn’t available.

This job provides for both a demanding and exciting working environment, and a lot of time is spent on your feet, jet-lag is inevitable! The people who do this job are people who really want to do it. But is also has great rewards, experienced cabin crew earn good basic salaries, get to see new places and meet new people all the time and may be given commissions, flight, meal and uniform allowances. And for people with additional qualifications, say nursing, the money is even better!

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