Bullet Security Cameras – the Staple of the Security World

by Tim McNew

Flexibility matters: that’s the idea behind a Bullet security camera. Most bullet Cameras have both day/night viewing. Bullet Security Camera Video Quality is based on Chip Set and Resolution. Higher resolutions mean sharper video quality. A larger chip-sets (they range from 1/4″ to 1/3″) means the camera will have a higher video quality because it can absorb more light.

In addition to their flexibility, bullet cameras are inconspicuous. They are not obtrusive, ugly cameras. Since bullet security cameras can often fit in your hand, they are know for their smaller sizes. This means that they are light weight, can be installed in smaller areas, and not clunky and thus difficult to install.

Bullet cameras are extremely versatile. They can be used indoors or outdoors. They are generally very tough, and withstand heat, cold, rain, and the snow. Bullet cameras can withstand temperatures 180 degrees Fahrenheit to -20 degrees Celsius, and can even survive hurricane conditions.

Bullet Security Cameras also utilize both color and infrared video capturing methods. Many models have sensors that know when to automatically switch between the two. Infrared cameras are a type of black and white video capture that allows one to see in the dark.

Choosing a specific bullet camera model can be difficult. Here are some things to keep in mind: if a bullet cameras has 12 or more LED lights it should not be used indoors. This is because powerful LED lights can wash out the infrared sensors by reflecting off of flat surfaces. A bullet camera with that many lights was meant for larger spaces.

It is also important to not use a bullet camera if you have lots of reflective surfaces (such as shinny objects, large windows, doors with windows, or even sometimes of reflective paint) as this can cause the infrared sensors to malfunction. You do not face any of these restrictions when using these cameras outdoors.

Secondly, when deciding upon a bullet security model you will need to also determine if you will need a fixed or vari-focal lens. A vari-focal lens gives you the option to manually adjust the camera to see at different distances. A fixed lens, just as it sounds, only allows for one viewing angle. Most bullet cameras can be purchased with both types of lenses and can be changed out as needed.

A bullet security camera is a an excellent addition to any security system because it can be used for nearly any purpose. Especially when a security expert will be facing changing threats or objectives, a bullet camera can become a very widely used and economical solution.

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