Big Gains And High Risk Stakes On The Forex

by Vincent Rogers

Every day of the year, there is a trading market that is open for business. Unlike most markets that keep bank hours, the Forex or foreign exchange market never closes its doors for business. The Forex market is nothing like the stock markets that most people trade their fortunes on. Foreign currency is traded on the Forex market.

Every trade on the Forex market consists of two parts, the buying and selling of specific country’s currencies. When one is bought, another is sold. The two currencies that are involved in each trade are referred to as the cross. While every country has currency that is able to be exchanged on the Forex market, the biggest crosses that are traded daily are the U. S. Dollar and U. K. Euro, the Japanese Yen and the U. S. Dollar and the Great Britain Pound and the U. S. Dollar. These and other currencies are traded at a rate of over three trillion dollars each and every day.

The Forex is the largest and most liquid market on the planet. There’s no actual building you can walk into to witness the Forex in action. Unlike the stock exchanges in New York and Chicago, the Forex takes place completely in a virtual world. Banks, governments and large corporations trade constantly, all day and night, over the opening and closings of other countries markets. The Forex, itself, is a series of computer networks and systems.

Currency does not have a fixed value. The value of each country’s currency changes rapidly and repeatedly throughout the course of the trading day and night. One the Forex, currency value can change for a plethora of reasons or no reason at all. Due to this uncertainty, all trades on the Forex are based predominantly on speculation.

Analysts have created Forex software that speculates on when a particular currency will rise or fall. These Forex bots as they are referred to, claim to be accurate in dictating the way the market is going to trade. Typically, you can find Forex bots that are 70-90% dead on with their analysis. Because of this, trading the Forex has never been easier or more profitable. If you’re a day trader, you know how important it is to stay current with trends and these software packages will take most of the guess work out of your trades.

Currency can change value when there is any sort of political upheaval within a country. Wars are won and lost and Forex currencies rise and fall in direct relation. When we have Presidential elections, the price of the U. S. Dollar can change drastically. The economic status of a country has everything to do with the value of its currency on the Forex market.

There are several major currency pairings that are most typically traded. These include the Euro and the US Dollar, the US Dollar and the Japanese Yen and the Great Britain Pound and the US Dollar. These trades that occur on the spot are usually settled within two business days of the trade. This helps make the Forex market one of the most liquid markets in the world.

The Forex market trades over three trillion dollars in currency each and every trading day. With this massive amount being traded, it is very easy to win big or lose big in the market. Unlike traditional trading markets, the Forex market uses brokers for every trade. These brokers do not earn commission based on the volume or amount of a trade. Instead, they get a flat rate for each trade or group of trades. This makes Forex brokers very reliable and many traders feel a great more trust in them than they would a standard stock broker.

While the Forex continues to gain popularity, the governments, banks and largest corporations in the world are earning their rewards or settling their debts, every day. The Forex presents opportunities that no other market can with its virtually endless trading.

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