Best Mafia Wars Cheats Guide

Let’s start out with the basics of Mafia Wars. Mafia Wars is an online social networking game based on organized crime. Mafia Wars is as organized and professional like the real Mafia that rules the streets. The general idea of the game is to accumulate as much wealth and power as possible without getting whacked.

Players in the game are rewarded with money, experience, items and reputation, which in turn all allow you to increase your skill and power.

Most likely you arrived here to look for the fastest strategy on leveling up your character. Stop begging other people to join your Mafia and read the guides that I direct you to so other mobsters will begging to be part of your family!

If you desire to be the next “King Pin” in the hottest online game, read on! Learn to grow your Mafia like a Nascar race driver and destroy those who get in your way! The Mafia Wars game created by Zynga is played no different than live street version run by real Mafioso!

Here’s a fantastic Mafia Wars strategy guide to train you to dominate this game and literally mow down those who try to stop you: Dominate Mafia Wars Cheat Guide.

You have arrived at a destination that is jam packed with reviews and free tips to get ahead in the Mob without getting whacked. You’ll find out many secret methods to leveling up your character here, plus I review the best Mafia Wars strategy guides so that you can be up and over the best bosses in the world of Mafia Wars!

There are only 3 main character types in Mafia Wars:

1) Mogul-Earns money faster than any character

2) Maniac-Recharges energy faster

3) Fearless-Regains health at the fastest rate

When starting a new game you will the front page which shows up the top is a tool bar which displays:

Cash Stat. This is your balance sheet of cash. Cash is a big deal in Mafia Wars. In the beginning you get more cash by completing jobs, winning fights, and owning properties. The coolest part of being a real estate investor is instead of getting paid monthly, you get paid hourly! Money drains both ways in Mafia Wars-just like real life. The cost of doing business.

Maintenance costs come from the upkeep on vehicles and certain weapons. Click on the tab that says Properties and you will see a red number that reads “upkeep”. When I say that cash is king, owning real estate is the ultimate cash cow king! You are able to fight once your health hits 20. The Mafia Wars cheats guides will show you just what type of real estate to invest in and what to avoid!

Health. As you fight other players your health will drain if you hit below 20. Your fighting ability is stopped until you reach 20. A big word of caution, if you hit 0, you die. Period. When this happens, your gonna have to wait until you get more health to fight. With spare money, you can always make a trip to the hospital.

Energy Stat. Energy is the fuel that allows you to do jobs. Click on the Jobs tab and you will see a bunch of jobs that you are allowed to do. The jobs are listed from left to right. This is where you will see job requirements, description, and payout. Take a look at “This job requires” to see how much energy it takes to complete that job. For example, if it says it takes 5 experiences, then 5 energy points will be clipped away. Mafia Wars players cannot have negative energy, so you must have sufficient energy to start a job. When your energy reads “0”, you need a recharge in order to finish the job. It takes 5 minutes to recharge 1 energy point. A Maniac character type will have this done in 3 minutes! Energy is a very important stat.

Stamina Stat. If you are into fighting then you are going to need a lot of stamina. You will get 1 stamina point regenerated every 5 minutes. Beef up your stamina if you plan on doing an attack, rob, cash in on a hit, sucker punch, and place hits on other players. If you want to greatly increases your experience, do these activities. Negative Stamina is not allowed. If you run out of stamina, you will have to recharge.

The four Main Objectives of Mafia Wars: To leveling up your character, Increase your Mafia family, Maximize your fighting strength, Finish collections for special bonuses, and Earn impressive titles.

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