Best Digital Camera – Nikon Coolpix P90

by Dick Busch

For many people the whole idea of buying a digital camera is confusing with so many to choose from. Finding the best digital camera should really be quite simple with all the consumer reports and comparisons available both online and in written periodicals. Eventually saving enough money to buy that eye-popping, 12 megapixel, 24x optical zoom with up to a sixteen gigabyte expandable memory using super hi-speed SD memory card and of course, very compact; which we hope be the envy of almost everyone we know. The problem is by the time you actually get to the mall, the model you have set your heart on is no longer the one to own as there is a new better version that you must now have.

If you are looking to buy your first digital camera that you may be wondering where to start owing the huge array of new technology about. For someone who is dedicated then they may spend quite some time researching consumer reports to find the best digital camera. Once the search is over it is time to gather up your savings for the camera of your dreams; that brand new 10 megapixel, 24 times optical zoom camera with a two and a half inch screen. It is only when you get to the mall and take a look in the camera shop that you realize that your choice is now on special offer because it has been replaced with a more feature packed model at a higher price.

If you are looking to print your photos then the more pixels you have the greater the image definition will be. If you are someone that likes to print large photos then the more pixels you have, the larger it can be printed out without distortion. Good quality models are now using large LCD screens around the 3. Making adjustments to the photo you have just taken is just one of the many functions now incorporated into good digital cameras helped by having a big LCD screen.

However, if you remember that a large screen equals higher power consumption, smaller screen, lower power consumption you can’t go wrong so just carry a spare set of rechargeable batteries with you everywhere. A digital zoom facility is available on almost every digital camera these days but optical zoom cameras cost more but the result is far superior. You will find lower price cameras almost never have an optical zoom fitted so it will really be down to your budget. Your camera will normally come with a memory card albeit a small one so you will probably need to buy a large capacity card, so use the one you have to make sure you purchase the correct one.

Generally speaking the higher the mega pixels, the better the actual photograph will come out where a mega pixel is equivalent to one million pixels. Superior color definition and the chance to print off larger than normal images are usually the main reasons for buying a model with high megapixel resolution. LCD screens have over the years become much larger which means you can frame your shot easier and view the result with more ease than ever before. The best digital cameras are able to touch up and edit the images this is an excellent feature to have as standard.

The larger the display the better but remember that the greater the size the screen shorter the life of the batteries. More and more digital cameras are coming equipped with an optical zoom and this is the sort to try for even if it is only a three times power. You will find lower price cameras almost never have an optical zoom fitted so it will really be down to your budget. These cameras use a memory card to store the images on but there are a variety of types, so be careful when buying one for your model.

Although there is quite a range of storage cards available it normally boils down to one of four types: the newer XD cards from Olympus and Fuji, the SD, card, Sony’s Memory Stick and the old but reliable Compact Flash. Try to obtain the largest memory you can for your camera and your budget. Whereas a few years ago a large storage card would be somewhere in the region of 2gb to 4mb, it is not uncommon to use cards with 16 gigabytes or more of storage now. Your life and interests should really be the ideal measuring stick for the type of digital camera you ultimately buy. Ultimately, the camera you choose should be one that you will take with you everywhere and use all the time.

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