Best 5 West End Shows

by Karen Rasin

West End shows are among the most popular and best shows put up by any theatres in the country. Over fifteen million people go and watch these plays annually, and here is a list of the top five West End shows.

1. Cats

A musical, composed by Andrew Lloyd Webber, it is founded on the Old Possum’s Book of Practical Cats that was penned by T.S. Eliot. It has the song criterion, Memory, in it. Cats primarily opened in 1981 in the West End, and then went on to be opened in Broadway in 1982. Both shows were directed by Trevor Nunn and choreographed by Gillian Lynne. Cats has got a lot of awards including the Tony Award for the best musical. The West End production ran for directly twenty one years, setting a historical long-run record.

2. Starlight Express

This is a rock musical with Andrew Lloyd Webber doing the melody, Richard Stilgoe doing words, and Arlene Phillips doing dance routine. It is about a child’s trance where his plaything train comes to life. The actors perform while wearing roller skates. It was shortly revised, with Don Black revising lyrics, and David Yazbeck redoing the tune and lyrics for the next United States tour.

Andrew Lloyd Webber originally wanted to produce a musical adaptation of the Railway Series books, by Rev W. Awdry. When he was unable to get the writer to agree, he conceived the plot for Starlight Express himself, basing it loosely on Cinderella. In the musical, Rusty is Cinderella, Greeseball and Electra are stepsisters, and the Starlight Express plays the fairy godmother.

3. Taboo

Taboo is a melodic, from a tome by Mark Davies, lyrics by Boy George, and tune by George and Kevan Frost. It is set in an abandoned London warehouse. The show is regarding a group of club “names” which are set in the same setting as London’s most stylish club night. Based on the 1980s club panorama, the anecdote is regarding Boy George who became very celebrated at this time with his band called Culture Club. It is a narrative of his career and his acquaintances, and of the generation of that time. It is a loose explanation with some things being embellished and as such does not accurately state the correct events.

4. Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dream coat

This is the second British musical show written by Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice. They in addition wrote The Likes of Us. It is based on the “Coats of Many Colours” account regarding Joseph in the Bible. The show is known as being one of the merely leading British shows which scarcely has any discourse and is principally sung.

5. Sound of Music

It is a melodic by Richard Rodgers, with lyrics by Oscar Hammerstein II, and a tome by Howard Lindsay and Russel Crouse. Based on the account of Maria von Trapp “The Story of the Trapp Family Singers”, it has become tremendously celebrated all over the world. It was also made into a picture which became a knock all over the world. Several of the musical’s songs are eminent around the globe like the title song, “the Sound of Music”, “My Favourite Things”, and “Do-Re-Mi”.

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