Benefits of Disputing Credit Report Errors

by Ricardo Mendiola

Errors on your credit report may be the reason you don’t quality for the home you have always wanted. You can have errors removed from your credit. It is important to dispute your credit and be sure that everything on the reports is listed properly.

Errors on your credit may cause your credit score to be lower than it should be. It may even be the reason you don’t qualify for the car or home you really wanted. You should never allow an error on your credit to remain on the reports.

Some credit report errors may be on one of the three major credit reports. The three major credit reporting companies are Experian, Trans Union, and Equifax. They don’t always show from all three credit reporting agencies. This is why you should be sure to get a copy of all of your credit reports so you know if there are mistakes. You might have errors scattered throughout your report that you have never seen before. You will never know if you have errors unless you get all three copies and find out.

Disputing items on your credit reports is important for many reasons. The first thing you need to do is get copies of all of your credit reports. This is because some things may be listed on one report that will not be listed on the others. Some credit reporting agencies say that you should dispute everything on your credit. This is because if you do owe a company from years ago and they don’t exist anymore the items will be removed. Companies change hands all of the time also and many old debts are non-existent to other businesses. If you are sure you owe the money you should pay the debt.

When you dispute erroneous items on your credit you will see them disappear after about 120 days. When you write a letter of dispute to the crediting agencies disputing the claim the business has 30 days to prove you do or do not owe the money to them. If you do not owe the money the items will be removed from your scores in another 90 days. You cannot speed up the process of removing errors from your credit reports but they will be removed.

You can correct mistakes and errors on your credit reports. It may seem time consuming writing a bunch of letters to each of the credit bureaus but it will be well worth it in the long run. You will see items disappear quickly and your score begin to rise. When you add an explanation for poor items it looks better too. Fixing errors on your credit report is the first step to credit repair that will help you have the financial freedom you have been working toward.

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