Becoming a Freelance Copywriter

by Ray Edwards

The Internet has changed the landscape of communications today. It has provided a seemingly limitless source of information and opened up a lot of opportunities in business.

Copywriting is one of the most lucrative businesses on the Internet. Today, more and more copywriters are looking into freelance copywriting because of the freedom it offers.

Freelance copywriters have a strong desire to succeed and steer their own career. They mix their own experience and skill with proven copywriting techniques to create a thriving freelancing business. The Internet offers copywriters this freedom. Freelance Internet copywriters can work on more projects and have more opportunities to generate a greater income than their regularly employed positions.

Copywriters are merely salespeople behind typewriters. They write the written content in radio commercials, television ads, newspaper cut outs, direct response mail ads, web content, Internet sales letters, and much more. Freelance copywriters work for clients on a project-to-project basis. They also get to handpick their assignments and mold their schedules around their lives.

In order to be a successful freelance copywriter you will need an Internet connection and skill. There are always new things to learn about marketing, so continue to educate yourself and use online tutorials in order to help you write better copy. You should also write everyday and read books from the experts.

A copywriter must be able to sell their client’s products. In order to do that they need to do research on their client’s target audience. Find out what motivates them and the most effective medium for reaching them. Research is a very important aspect of a successful copywriting business.

Before you decide to become a freelance copywriter you must know what market in which you want to write. Some copywriters write for a broad range of clients and try to appeal to many different markets. Others specialize down into one field, such as writing web content. In order to please your clients, you must be willing to be a little flexible no matter how specialized you become. Here are some tips that will strengthen your freelancing career:

1. Network. It is very important to get your name out into the market and network with other copywriters. You can create strong networks by attending seminars and interacting with other freelance copywriters, exhibitors, and speakers. Even though you’re working on the Internet, it?s important to remember your local market as well. Keep an eye on your local paper and take notice of any new businesses that may need your services. You can also join you local chamber of commerce and make connections with other local businesses.

2. Make a Portfolio. Your portfolio acts as your storefront window and gives your clients a chance to preview your work before accepting your bid. Portfolios are a great way to build confidence with a potential client. It should include samples of your best work, testimonials from past clients, and a sales letter explaining why you’re the best for the job. It should also be neat and professional looking.

3. Develop Proven Advertising Techniques. Freelance Internet copywriters need to have a set of developed and proven advertising techniques. If your skill set is unique enough, then you can gain edge over competition and break into greater realms of success.

These were just a few pointers on how to become a successful freelance copywriter. Hopefully they helped you. Freelance copywriting is an exciting career, so go ahead and do some more research to see if it’s right for you.

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