Bank of China Bao-line payment service launched

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April 16, the nation’s biggest unaligned third-party fee stage to pay Bao and the new type of e-banking, Bank of China formally broadcast the co-operation. In future, the Bank of China a new type of Internet banking users can pay to accomplish Bao buying, pay-to-peer mesh a new life. At this issue, encompassing the Bank of China, ICBC, Agricultural Bank of China, Construction Bank, Postal Savings, Bank of the six state-owned banks, 15 nationwide banks, and almost 40 local banks are the co-operation with the fee of Po. Email Shao xiao feng, leader, commented, AliPay has more than 150 million users through the fee of Po stages, banks and Po are employed simultaneously to accelerate the fee of Internet banking, the attractiveness of online fee business. “For numerous persons, proceed to the bank charges are a thing of the past in line.”

It is appreciated that the Bank of China Bao-line banking and fee furthermore encompasses the collaboration of the borrowing business card enterprise concern. Po with the fee of co-operation with direct effect, customers of Bank of China as long as the unfastening of a new type of Internet banking services can be accomplished through the fee of Po-line buying, journey, online services for example giving utilities. Aspects of the Bank of China said that the Bank of China co-operation will substantially enhance the client know-how and appeal more users of the services the Bank of China.

For the compensation of Po, it is in addition a good news. As of the end of March, Bank of China Bank Professional Network has been close to five million users, this objective is to arrive at 10 million. This means that the co-operation with the Bank of China will pay on-line this year, an advance Po of the 10 million capability customers. More meaningfully, online purchasing, web requests for paid job for instance compensation of the incidence of the birth of a large number of the separate someone and the separate someone, between separate people and enterprises, for instance micro-payment wants, the conventional fiscal services have been very arduous to get concurrently the wants of users. Through support with more banks, arising to become the third-party compensation podium to bind users to the conventional fiscal services wants and the best bond between.

“I like to pay for things for instance, a merchant can not entry to the web of all banks in the Bank, if the enterprise support web I do not have bright, it will not be competent to whole the transaction. But as long as entry to to pay-bao, I have a bank small discern can be brought out to pay, that is, I decide to pay the justifications Po. “users who pay for such a major Po verbalise his views.

Internal network users appear silver sudden growth, and personal financial management and e-commerce market heat to accelerate the growth of the market is closely related to special factors. IResearch survey of “2008-2009 China Internet Development Report, the banking industry,” Research shows that as at the end of last year covered by individual network users amounted to silver 64,745,000, an increase of 33.7%. As at the end of February this year, AliPay users have reach 1.5 billion yuan, becoming the fastest-growing Internet area of a basic application.

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