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What is Infant Apnea?
Newborn babies go through many changes in the first few weeks of life, including significant brain development. Some babies, especially those born premature, may need special care while the part of the brain that controls breathing continues to grow. These infants could suffer from a condition known as infant apnea. All infants have some apnea, but when the apnea is long or if it happens frequently, there may be a problem.No.

How can we wean our baby off the swaddling?
Weaning off swaddling usually happens after the fourth month. Some kids may be ready by that time, however, some benefit from an extra few months of swaddling. It really is an individual process. Your baby will know when he/she is ready. It is very important to use white noise along with swaddling all night long from shortly after birth. Then when you want to wean the swaddling just keep the white noise playing.This depends completely on the age of the child. Babies that are under a year will probably be on the bottle with formula supplemented with rice cereal.

What does my baby have to do to participate in the study?
When it is safe for your baby to leave the nursery, he or she will be taken to the radiology department for an MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) in a special incubator designed for newborns.

Should I Use An Infant Formula Product Beyond Its Expiration Date?
No. All infant formula containers carry “use by” or “use before” dates to ensure that the consumer receives a wholesome, high-quality product. Formula should not be bought or fed beyond the expiration date. After the expiration date, some vitamin levels decrease and changes in physical properties, such as discoloration and separation of fat, may occur.Formula that is removed from refrigeration should be used within two hours or discarded. Because of possible bacterial contamination, formula remaining in a bottle one hour after the start of feeding should also be discarded.

Can my baby hear me inside my womb?
Talk to your baby while you are pregnant as he or she can hear you and can also distinguish your voice from others.Occasionally, babies undergoing MRI exams move so much that the MRI scans can not be read afterwards because the motion makes it hard for us to get a good look at the baby’s brain.

Can swaddling the baby with arms down be harmful for the baby?
Absolutely not. In fact, swaddling with the arms down is the way babies are wrapped in many, many other cultures. The only recommendation for arms up swaddling is for preemies. This helps them be more alert and neurologically organized. However, this is not a concern for term babies who are being swaddled to improve sleep and to soothe crying. Many Native American Tribes swaddled their babies with the arms down until ~6 months and they were well known to be brave and independent.A baby is placed in the intensive care nursery because, in the opinion of the professionals present at the birth of your baby, it is the best place for your child to be observed, treated and cared for.

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