Automobile show Extravaganza

by Mara Hernandez-Capili

We have always marveled at the beauty and power of automobiles. We had watched its growth from scratch to its breaking of sound barriers. Since its down as a internal combustion driven transport vehicle.

Automobiles are works of art so some say, they are made with performance and form in mind. Cars take a lot of form we have compact cars, sub-compact cars, sports cars and AUV’s just to name a few. Their names are based on its classification and use. All of its types have its own admirers, revered because of its beauty features and charisma. A lot of respected names are in the automobile industry such as Mercedes, BMW, Toyota, and Ford to name a few.

A lot of cars from custom to branded are showcased in this event. This coming August a car show will be held it is one of the most followed and waited upon cars shows in the United States of America. New designs and new types are on display. You will even spend hours just admiring the color of one vehicle. The whole establishment will be filled with people and cars full of energy to last the whole day.

A lot of side events will also be held because some of them are also customizers or brand representatives. You can expect new products that are of the shelf. Paints, motor parts, and accessories are available for you to explore. A lot of pocket seminars will also be held by some of the exhibitors, you can expect that you will be educated and informed on new products and technologies.

Come and join us in this Rocking at the Park Car show. Enjoy the atmosphere of automobile loco and share it with people of common interest. It is Guaranteed that you will have a fun and educative experience

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