Are There Any Free Reverse Phone Number Services?

by Beth Green

Reverse phone lookup services, despite their complexities and history of scams for phone numbers are a common occurrence nowadays. Hence, before performing a reverse phone number trace, it is better to know what the service is and the different ways of using the service. This article will indeed be a great help to those who want to look up for information on a mobile number’s owner and other related details.

We know about telephone number directories that provide the numbers and addresses of known persons. But what if there’s an anonymous call and you need to find who the prankster was? What if you found an old number in your phone diary and it didn’t say who it belonged to? In such cases, reverse phone lookup services render a helping hand and it will provide all useful details about the owner.

There are various reverse lookup services on the internet. Many of them require a small fee, some are free and many of them are mere scams too. The best way to use the service is first by typing out the number in quotations as many of the search engines provide reverse look up services free of cost on their own, and they do tend to be reliable. In case the search result becomes a failure, then there are always other options open, which are pointed to by the results of the search from the search engine itself. The only drawback is that only residential and business telephones are listed in these.

If that doesn’t work out, there are a number of free sites that offer help, and are also scarily accurate! White Pages is one such web site. However, most of these only work for landline and business numbers. If you have a mobile number, you’re going to have to find another way around. Though these may only house landline numbers, you would want to give these a shot before you decide to shell some money to find your information!

If you have still not arrived at the details you were looking for, fear not, help is at hand! There are numerous pay and use reverse phone lookup service sites on the internet that let you search their records to find a match to the mobile number you have. Though they do need you to pay up, the fee is small (5-10$). However, you do want to make sure you are not being scammed before you pay up. So it is always better to read some reviews or track the websites performance and honesty. This should help you make a good descision.

Once you’ve chosen your service website, all that’s left to do is go ahead and find those details! The procedures are usually very simple and all you need to do is type in the phone number. The website will ask you for money (if they charge) and check their records. If found in their records, they will accept your payment and display all the information that they have, if not, the respectable ones give you your money back and apologise.

Most reverse phone number services take payment only after checking if the number you entered is available in their database. Once paid, you get to know the name and more details on the number. Well, all the best to you now and hope reading this article has been of some help for your search.

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