Amway Review – Still Hosting Parties?

Amway Inc was started by pals Jay Van Andel and Richard Devos in 1959 with an aim to sell FMCGs through distributors. Their first project, a multipurpose cleaner was accepted well by customers and this led to diversification in product range as well as globalisation. Soon Amway Global was a flourishing business with operations in more than 80 countries and strength of 3 million distributors.

Amway Products

Amway Global offers products that cater to a wide range of consumer needs. Some of the most popular products are discussed below.

– The Nutrilite brand has a range of supplements that help keeping the body fit and energetic.

– Amway’ beauty products come under the brand name Artistry.

– Amway has come out with Satinique, a unique formula shampoo to cater to hair-care.

– The Glister toothpaste is a popular Amway creation.

– SA8 is a biodegradable laundry detergent for cleaner clothes.

– Amway’s water purifier, Espring is effective in controlling contaminants from polluting drinking water.

– The icook range of cookware has been carefully designed to promote a good cooking experience.

The Amway MLM Opportunity

Becoming an Amway distributor is a tempting prospect when you consider the earnings you could get, perks, the guarantee given by Amway to make everyone successful in the business and the fact that the products offered are of high quality and needed for regular use. But we must also remember the fact that good quality is often combined with high prices; there?s a general opinion that Amway products are priced high.

A Critical Review Of The Income Prospects In Amway

Your Amway product could be good, but that doesn’t mean you?ll be able to sell all your merchandise. It may seem nice to join Amway with its good income potential and fun-filled team get-togethers. However, Amway trains its distributors to follow the conventional style of network marketing; call people in your network, convince them to buy the product and join as a distributor, get leads from them and repeat the process. This technique is operational only till your list of contacts lasts; after this, work may seem unrewarding.

When this system is followed, network marketing companies succumb to being accused of adopting the Pyramid structure which is banned in several countries. New reps complain that in spite of putting in hard work, most of the money seems to go to people higher in the pyramid. When their initial list of contacts is over, reps get desperate and speak to just anyone they meet; cold calling and inviting strangers to meetings with offers of free gifts etc. could irritate customers who are rushing on their busy schedules.

Amway Wrap Up

Though this may seem discouraging, the flaw is not in the products or the company. It?s only in the techniques employed by distributors. Hundreds of reps have made big money in Amway by just using the right marketing knacks.

What are the right Amway techniques?

Sell your products to people who are interested in buying them. Market your business to reach these people and get them to contact you. Cold calling and arranging meetings are now outdated; get all work done through the internet. Online marketing is sure to bring in more profits than you’d ever expect. Establish a system that gets you leads to follow up on and get orders from. All you need to do is learn how to promote your products using various online marketing tools.

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