After A Long Search Home Is Found!

One thing I have found in looking for luxury condominiums is that there isn’t much “luxury” in condominiums at all. I have seen a select few, and although they’re touted as a short distance from Manhattan, it was too much of a commute for a person working in the city. Even that, the surrounding neighborhood did not have much by way of entertainment or restaurants for a social life whatsoever. Looking for a condominium can be a choice that is not made right away. Research and checking into your investment is something you do and that means being let down by potential places.

After looking for several months I had came across a place called Arista 35. The name puzzled me but I was very interested since I had not found anything worth looking at. I had sent my information to their website and was contacted immediately by a friendly person. They explained to me how Arista 35 located in Astoria, Queens and was just 6 subway stops from Manhattan. Not only was that a convenience, but they were surrounded by great entertainment as well as close shopping. My face lit up like a light bulb and I asked to see the building immediately.

They have a 24/7 virtual doorman and I had soon learned of these lavish condominium apartments. They also have 15 indoor parking spaces available. Their bathrooms are lavishly designed, their kitchens have high end cabinetry which added a beautiful touch. Terrific views can be found in gazing out large windows, they have ample closets which is always a problem with condos, and solid bamboo floors added to the beautiful and I could hardly restrain myself from the joy.

I have found the condominium of my dream! There was nothing to match what was offered here, as everything sparkled afront my eyes with the beauty of the interior features.

Another blessing to finding such a beautiful condo was the wonderful neighbors here, with the bonus of being close to work as well as living the way I had always envisioned. The area was great, as well as being close to the great Astoria Park. I could not have found better than this! For the first time ever, I had finally made the best investment I could make.

Want to find out more about Queens NY Condos, then visit Arista 35’s web site on how luxury living Queens Condominiums Astoria NY is for you.

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