Advancements In Brochure Printing

by Maddison Clark

Distributing brochures has always been a successful marketing tactic for any organization. They can be distributed like pamphlets or mailed at clients’ addresses, or can simply be stacked in stores for clients to take with them. The need to have brochures printed has led to the rise of a segment of the printing services industry, which specially caters to brochures. Brochure printing has witnessed a series of developments in recent years, with the dawn and widespread use of the internet triggering the latest of these changes.

At a time when computers hadn’t made their foray into brochure printing, the entire thing was a laborious activity involving use of plate-making tools and film negatives, and the particular tasks involved creating multiple test prints, changing all the settings, and what not. Even design alternatives were restricted, with the printers doing the majority of the design jobs and only the most basic input coming from the customer.

On the other hand, now brochures are designed, sent across to the printer, and edited on computers, usually by the customer himself, and the end product is printed and delivered within a much shorter timeframe. Technology has progressed far enough to make round the clock printing a reality, enabling any number of prints to be delivered to the customer within a day’s time.

It is important to keep in mind that brochure printing entails not just the impression of ink on paper, but design, content and formatting as well. With the introduction of digital technology, printing companies have begun to offer a range of advantages to the customers in this area, like high resolution colour printing, multiple choices in complicated formats and designs, and smart packages on content-building.

Clients these days most of the times prefer full-colour brochures and digital brochures from the newest varieties of brochures provided by printing services firms. Such brochures are fit to be distributed on a medium or long-term basis. But when it comes to brochure distribution in huge numbers, but for a restricted time span, then colourful but brief brochures that undergo a short print run fit the bill perfectly. Off-set printing, which is a relatively older method, is still very popular for these brochures as even though it requires a longer time to prepare the brochures, a large quantity of copies can be printed in a single run.

Nowadays brochure printing companies also offer ancillary services besides ensuring superior quality of prints for their customers. Direct mailing, distribution and brochure development are some of these additional services.

The internet has radically changed the situation, with clients now visiting websites of printing companies and placing online orders after choosing designs and colour specifications from the comfort of their office. Thus, brochure printing has changed a lot in recent times, and is about to undergo even more innovative changes in the coming years.

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