A Well Planned Home Lighting Design Is A Must

by Scott Rodgers

Lighting of your house is one of its most important aspects. The best of settings are only accentuated by good and adequate lighting. Improper lighting can destroy the whole look of a room and all your efforts that you might have spent decorating it will go waste. So, choose lights that fulfill your requirements and at the same time enhance the beauty of the place.

Bedroom- This room deserves the right mix of functionality and a good look. You are going to spend your nights here, and need adequately bright lights to do your work. Fluorescent lights are great in terms of whiteness of the light and energy efficiency, thus keeping your subsequent electricity bills low as well. CFLs are an option that are smart and come in a large variety of designs to suit every need.

If you like reading at night, then you can place a night lamp on the corner table next to you. You should always have directed, shadow free lighting above the dressing area.

The lighting style of a living room is majorly dependent on its size. If it is large room with enough open space, then soft lighting will be the most suitable option and you can also highlight certain areas you want to.

If your house or living room has limited space, bright lighting is recommended in this case. This will make your room look larger than it is. A light focused on the ceiling would give it a higher and larger look.

If you are fond of artworks or paintings etc, place it where it draws the maximum attention and enhance it greatly by a focus light. Keep the rest of the lighting around these specific points or articles comparatively dim, so as not to take the attention away.

You may choose bright colored lamp shades in case of a children room. Keep a switch close to the platform beds for the children to use the lights without much discomfort.

Adequate lighting is also very important for the hobby areas. The lighting arrangements here would be simple but they should be in accordance to the task that has to be performed like painting, carpentry etc. Also, the lighting choice should be such that it goes with your furniture and the overall decor theme of the room.

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