A Review of UltimateSAP – Training Programme

by John Rivers

Being a recent graduate from IT school, I realized that I may be book smart, but with no experience ,it wasn’t going to be an easy field to break into. I had received excellent training in my program, but I just didn’t feel that I had enough knowledge.

I had memorized lots of stuff from school, but I have to admit there was a lot of it I really didn’t understand, especially when it came to the SAP segment of the course. Having come across and advertisement called the Ultimate SAP, naturally it caught my interest.

What I like About it
To begin with the made it very clear that you didn’t need any experience to learn the program. Everything I would need could be found on the Ultimate Sap CBT DVD.
I mean this is really what it was all about, is computer based training. I really was interested in the cross training aspect of it, and they seemed to have this fully covered in their program. It was very enticing to think about having my own business as a SAP R/3 contractor.

Up until this point I just hadn’t felt confident enough to even consider such a venture. I like the thought of enhancing my knowledge with study exercises that contained question and answer segments. Finally it was refreshing to know that I wouldn’t have tons of text books to be flipping through all the time. Everything I was going to need would be all conveniently located on the DVD.

What I didn’t like about
I felt that there would be a lot of material that would be redundant. I didn’t want to put out a lot of money for material that I wouldn’t use.

Everything I did like about the concept of this program was certainly outweighing the aspects that I didn’t like. From the point of being too much material, I realize it will be a very convenient way to do some refresher studies. Especially when it will be there on DVD.

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