A Need For A Dedicated Server In The Field Of E-Commerce

At present, if you have an engagement with any aspect of Ecommerce in the business or the service sector then it is a good idea to have a professional website. Professional website hosting will require dedicated server. Some of the information about them is explained as below:

Merits on Dedicated server

In many companies, shared servers were actually preferred in which they make use of the entire bandwidth. Thus number of other players is also sharing the space. But this would be a better choice when your budget involved is little and when you focus only little care on the occurrence of heavy traffic and security. You will be requiring different disk space and various data transfer capacity when your website has large number of viewers for it per month. When you focus more on the security then it would be the best choice to make use of these dedicated servers. Because, there will be no other website with this server and hence you may enjoy full security, along with proper storage space and bandwidth.

Following are certain merits of these dedicated servers.

Security – since there is no need to share both the bandwidth as well as workspace with other companies, this dedicated server offers you with good security for your website and in addition the number of errors that you might encounter will also be reduced.

There is a huge amount of space for your videos, images, other features.

Space: There’s enough space for videos, countless images and a host of other features.

Bandwidth: The bandwidth capacity is immeasurable when compared to what you’ll find in a shared server for the transfer of data. With proper bandwidth you’ll never have to worry about traffic jams on your website because there’s competition taking place with others on the same server nor will you have issues with slow server response time.

Control Panel: Only dedicated servers can deliver when it come to control panels unlike when you’re sharing servers with others there’s limited control over the functionalities and features of the server.

Demerits of dedicated server:

The only disadvantage with the dedicated server is the price you pay for it. The price for the dedicated server is of course more than a shared server. You will have to weigh the advantages of the dedicated server against the share server and compare if paying a high price gets you back the worth. For example, if the credit card details of your customer are stolen from your account while on a share server would cost you a huge amount than the per month dedicated server price.

Ask yourself if your organization or business is ready for a Separate server?

You are the best judge to answer that question if at all your business is ready for a dedicated server since all businesses and websites grow at a different pace, and you would have a better idea about the future planning and success of the business in terms of traffic and security and storage. If you have a niche in the market and are attracting more and more customers then definitely go for dedicate server.

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