5 Fabulous Personalization Tips

by Sheila Dollarsby

If you are looking to put your mark on the world, you can start by doing a few easy things that will not only help to personalize your life, but will make a major statement as well.

Making everyday objects in our homes, offices, and lives is a lot of fun, and can be relatively inexpensive. Everyone loves a little touch of luxury and there is nothing more luxurious than having your name or initials monogrammed on something. The following are five really cool ways to incorporate monogramming into your life.

#1: Monogrammed Bedding Do yourself a favor and purchase some monogrammed bedding. Like kings and queen of ages old, treat yourself to something that everyone doesn’t have. Most people don’t really know about monogramming or where and how to have it done. There are several companies online that will do it and will customize your colors and the design as well.

Your pillowcases are a great place to showcase elegant, Old English lettering. You can have these scrolled and scripted initials embroidered in a thread color that matches the pillowcase for a softer, more delicate look. You might prefer to make a bedding monogram pop by selecting a brightly colored thread that stands out against a solid colored background. Even your spreads, sheets, and comforters can become bold fashion statements when you use monograms as a way to highlight the material.

#2: Personalized M&Ms Personalized M&Ms work well for any home or office. Have them printed up with your favorite message or with your initials and dipped in your favorite colors. For example, if your living room is decorated in a beige color and accented with blues, have your personalized m&ms dipped in blue.

You can have monogrammed M&Ms for your Home &Business that are sure to grab the attention of your visitors and guests. These candy-coated chocolates can be customized with an uploaded picture, a personal message, your initials, a business logo, or just the names of family members. This really takes personalizing to new heights.

#3: Monogrammed Bath Towels Taking a bath is brought to a whole new level with monogrammed bath towels. This is super luxurious and is one way to make sure that nobody else is using your towel! Unlike sheets, towels can be monogrammed in a variety of colors and look good in any bathroom. While you are having your towels done, get your robe monogrammed too!

#4: Have Your License Plate Personalized Personalizing your license plate can be lots of fun. It definitely makes a statement about the person driving the car and definitely sets you apart from everyone else. Having your name put on your license plate can be a bit too personal; after all you don’t want everyone knowing your name everywhere you go. But you can have nickname, or a slogan put on your license plate just for fun.

#5- Get Specialty Water Bottles with your Name on Them With so many people interested in health and fitness water bottles have practically become a necessary accessory. Their popularity means that your mass-produced bottle can be lost among the crowd of identical models. You can make sure that you can identify those that belong to you if you get specialty water bottles that have your name emblazoned on the front. A monogram is an easy way for you to save money and time because you can always spot your personal belongings, even if they are jumbled up with dozens of other “look alike” products.

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