There Are Some Web Design Mistakes You Should Try To Avoid

Although it may not seem all that long ago when Websites were built on the back of a table and a few buttons, both time and technology have moved on and building a Website today takes far more effort and knowledge. There are more software packages, languages and off-the-shelf products than ever before. This makes it easier for mistakes to occur so taking care when building a Website in this age is crucial.

Balance is a fundamental aspect of all design. It plays a key role in our overall impression of the site. A centred layout gets around many problems related to balance but isn’t always harder to present the highest form of originality. We have certain viewpoints regarding balance that we hold in our mind. For example, wide being heaver than thin and dark being heavier than light. If the navigation bar id dark, having a wide, lighter content area will provide some balance. You will need to bear this in mind when it comes to adding additional elements to the page.

If the user can’t find what they are looking for instantly, you may not get a second chance of showing them that you have what they were looking for all along. You need a dedicated area for navigation, not random hyperlinks scattered among your content.

Times New Roman is a font that specifically works for print media and should be avoided in online design. They aren’t very easy top read and there are far more suitable fonts available, namely Arial, Tahoma or Verdana.. Between 9 and 11 point is ideal for size, text should not be too large or too small.

There should be matching colours but also a variety. Two or more colours adds a sense of style but they do need to look good together. If you don’t trust yourselves with mixing colour, limit yourself to just one. Be careful when it comes to bright colours as they can sometimes overwhelm your visitor. If you do need to use them, balance them, with black, white or grey, also known as neutral colours.

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