Buy Cheap Bargain Laptop Computer

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by Ada Denis

Here is a quick tutorial to buy a cheap bargain laptop computer on eBay. The first thing you need is to get internet access now. Assuming you are reading this, you have that access. All kidding aside, if you need to, you can get to your library, or even Kmart offers free access.

Go to the place you can get your internet access and sign up for a PayPal account. You can find them at

Next, you want to go to eBay. They can be found at Sign up for an account.

Once you have your eBay account, you want to search for laptop computers. You will no doubt be offered something like 12,000 offerings. And the offerings will be from all the major suppliers. You can buy new, used, refurbished, and even broken computers.

You don’t want the broken computers, but there are still plenty of offerings. And you should be able to find something in the 200-300 dollar range.

Do not just buy the first laptop you see. Shop around. One of the things you may be tempted to do is buy quickly, but you should look at the items that have time left before the auction is over. Compare prices and features.

Decide what your budget is in relationship to what you want to do with it. If you are only looking to surf the web, and won’t be running lots of programs, then you can find something in the $200-300 range. Check out to see if the computer is wifi capable. Now, it is usually a standard feature, and with all the great hot spots, you should be able to get free internet access when you are drinking our java.

Check out the seller feedback. If you are new to eBay, you need to make sure you buy from someone who has a good reputation.

When you find your computer, don’t immediately put in a bid. Wait until the auction is almost over. Then you can bid. If you bid too early, you run up the auction price prematurely. Keep in mind, if you are looking at a great deal, you will need to watch closely when the time is near to end. Or, you can just use the buy now feature on many of the options.

Put in your bid, and soon enough, you will have your computer. Lastly, make sure you are aware of the shipping terms, and the credit terms. If you do not have paypal, or credit, you can usually buy with check or a wire. Just communicate with the seller.

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