VEXXHOST Cloud Computing Provider Review


VEXXHOST Cloud Computing Provider

The Internet these days is a superior giant injected with power and diversity to do anything. It’s the biggest brain in the world and has information on everything that you can possibly think off. One of the biggest uses for the net is for businesses. The use of the web to store data, run day-to-day operations and communications with people is an essential part of many businesses machine. Without it the world certainly for businesses would be a different place. With the increase in technology, the need for more powerful infrastructures that hold more data with speedy upload and download capabilities has become a necessity! That is why the new world of cloud computing was introduced!

One company that offers cloud-computing services is Vexxhost. From reading up on what the company have to offer their services seem pretty impressive. So I decided to give you a review about vexxhost on what they have to offer, the type of support they provide and the cost of their services! The main focus is an overview on the servers they provide to clients, which act as the main headquarters for many businesses.


One of the biggest things that we want is speed and power and that is something that Vexxhost provides. Super-fast and efficient processors with low latency memory and solid stage storage so moving data around can be done with the greatest of ease on any server. I found this to be a huge benefit as I think we all hate slow operation and that was something that was not a problem here.

When it comes to talking about speeds of reading data and uploading/downloading Vexxhost offers an impressive 1.6 Gig per sec and with writing they claim it is 2000% faster than other servers. Even 1.6 per second is impressive on its own so getting huge files moved around quickly is no feat for their servers.

One thing I like about Vexxhost is that they do a lot of small background tasks for you so it can take the workload off your shoulders. This includes managing IPs and Passwords within your servers, keeping them up to date and adding and removing them should the need be there. They keep your servers running smoothly so you do not have to worry about potential problems.

Protections can be a big issue. What happens if all your data got hit with errors and became corrupted or crashed? That is something we all want to avoid and Vexxhost has tackled this well. Their storage systems stop hard drives from corrupting data silently and correct it, which is brilliant! Another great aspect covered which is making Vexxhost sound like a great service.

Vexxhost is open source too and incorporates a number of operating systems including Fedora, Windows, Linux and more so compatibility is not an issue and you have a lot of flexibility using a variety of OS. The company Openstack Enterprise system itself has been used by some big companies such as PayPal, Dell and Intel, so the reliability and reputation is strong.


In this review about Vexxhost, we show how they provides a live chat service where you can chat to support operators should you have any issues, which is great as you can gain a response to any question pretty quickly. There is also the option to call via the number provided again should you need any help. There are the traditional methods too of FAQ and email should you require that method.


This review also show how Vexxhost charge per hour for their services and this amount is rounded up to a monthly sum. Their packages are varied and have everything from a low amount of disk, memory and transfer speeds to the larger packages of the bigger clients. The memory sizes range from 512 Mb which these days is tiny in comparison to the huge 64 GB memory they can provide. Disk sizes go from 20 GB to 2560GB, which is more than plenty by far! And finally transfer speeds 2Tb to 20TB, which is plenty of bandwidth easily for a large business. So they offer some pretty impressive packages. The only time they ever charge more is if you go over the amount you have used.


In this Vexxhost review and after pointing out some of the great features they have to offer I would say check them out. These are just some of the features they have but they have a lot more on offer to. There services to me are effective and efficient and great value for money! 8/10!

Vexxhost Web Hosting Affiliate Program – Great and Easy Program to Make Money

Affiliate programs are really popular promoting resources for the companies to promote their product and increase their sales. There are actually hundreds of companies in the domain of web hosting services which are providing good income and rewards on their own affiliate programs. I am going to give describe the options of one of the highest quality affiliate programs that I joined as yet.Yes! I am talking about Vexxhost web hosting affiliate program. This is highly profitable program for those people much like me who wish to earn big bucks on very simple, easy, and trusted affiliate programs of web hosting services. I’m associated with Vexxhost affiliate program since long time; I’ve earned a great amount of money as yet on just referrals my community and people to Vexxhost cloud hosting company. I’m working on two ranges; the first is quite simple by viral promoting utilizing emails and other the first is through my web pages ad banners.

I am generating amazingly high amount of income more than that I expected. I might really recommend you all people to join the affiliate program of Vexxhost web hosting. Everyone is able to earn money but an acceptable amount of money; you need to just join in by using three easy steps as mentioned on the website of Vexxhost company. You may observe this link to get to the affiliate program of Vexxhost web hosting.

This is very effective and simple to utilize program; you can get yourself affiliated with this beneficial program by only join in then publishing the add on your website or simply putting it in your email and forward to get the visitors to Vexxhost web hosting website making them buy some web hosting products on Vexxhost company webpage. You get the bonus for that purchase. Allow me to guide you through few very wonderful features of this affiliate program that will make it sure that you’re earning a good amount of cash on your referral sales below your down line.

Key top features of Vexxhost web Hosting Affiliate Program
Vexxhost web hosting affiliate program is highly highlighted program for increasing referral sales and subsequently dispersing commissions to the affiliate person. The program has dedicated and personal affiliate manager who works with all matters and issues dedicatedly so that connected partners do face any sort of problem or hassle. Other than a dedicated manager for this program, there is a fast and reliable real time affiliate tracking system in place. This system is incorporated with all of tools that track your sales, your referral and cash processing and other similar activities. You can see on-line transactions and activities of your affiliate sales. These kinds of tracking are based on your IPs and different tracking cookies set for proper monitoring and tracking. This tracking based on IP and cookie is placed for 90 days; that means if you are referral purchases services in 90 days, you will generate the commission. Thus, there is no problem related to human error something else. You will as well be given admission to use a very simple and easy to utilize portal for your activity and checking.  

Rated The Best Customer Support for Vexxhost Web Hosting

Rated The Best Customer Support for Vexxhost Web

There are some great features of customer services provided by Vexxhost web hosting and cloud hosting Service Company. I have seen many great companies provide the best quality customer support to their customers; but Vexxhost customer support is not only amazing but it is matchless. These features are very important and professionally well calibrated to provide the industry level of customer support that a valuable customer needs. Few of these features are given here:

Multiple Mode Communication Available Round the Clock 
There are many modes of communications integrated into the customer support systems of Vexxhost shared hosting company. These modes of communication systems are very well organized and integrated into main data base for better tracking and record keeping. These mode communications are email, short message services, instant messaging, chatting, toll free telephone services, and trouble ticketing systems. These are modes are very efficient and available round the clock for immediate escalation of issues. Customer representatives handling your queries respond immediately irrespective of the odd or even times. They treat every time as business hour and they never show any leniency for themselves pertaining to odd times or odd seasons.

Quick Turnaround Time  
Another very awesome feature of customer services provided by Vexxhost Company is the short turnaround time. They not only anxiously listen to the problems of the customers but they come with their solutions in very short span of time. They have multi tier customer support teams and inter communication of these teams is very efficient and effectively correlated, monitored, and controlled. First level of issues is resolved on immediate basis just in the course of minutes; while the second level problems do not take more than couple of hours. Thus, these teams respond to the customers with immediate solutions within defined SLA and time KPIs.

Ready to Response Teams
The key feature that we noticed while working with these customer support teams is that they are always alert, active, and excited to help out the customers. These teams are not only the provider of the services to the customers but they are eager to reach the depth of the problem that a customer is facing and reach the solution and provide the professional solution with great happiness, ownership, and responsibility. They never hesitate to list tough and harsh tones of customers; this makes them more professional and effective customer care representatives. You will feel really amazing and exciting when you talk to them; you like the way they show their enthusiasm to get the issue of customer resolved.

Professional Customer Support Teams 
Last but not the least, customer support teams of Vexxhost web hosting company are very well trained under the recommendations of professional conducts. They speak to their customers with great manners and politely. They show great humble and respect towards their customers and thus understand their problems very sympathetically and take necessary actions accordingly. They are highly skilled for first level of technical support; therefore they are able to provide immediate solutions to the problems if the problems relate to first level otherwise forward to second level support teams.

Three Major Elements That Changed My Business to Vexxhost Cheap Cloud Hosting

Cheap Cloud hosting business is getting very aggressive and very sensitive business due to increasing competition on the market place, increasing number of new players, investments of big IT giants into this business, and big mergers of cloud hosting companies. In these conditions, everyone is interested in getting good services on inexpensive cost. This theory get materialized only if some basic cloud hosting companies like Vexxhost cloud hosting company comes forward on the horizon of this business. Vexxhost cloud hosting company is not a new entrant into this business but it has amazing functions and ideas that are attracting many small, and medium businesses to its world class cheap cloud hosting services.

One of such business that considered Vexxhost way is mine; I was pleased and allured by three incredible features of Vexxhost cloud hosting company and therefore I turned my small business to Vexxhost cheap cloud hosting . I am going to give you the details of those three benefits here so that you can also get benefit from my real life advice.

Excellent Cheap Cloud Hosting Service
First and most amazing quality of Vexxhost cheap cloud hosting services is its quality. Vexxhost feels in high quality and excellence. Vexxhost follow world class and market grade visions like usage of cutting edge tech, innovative and creative industrial and technical packages, state of the art infrastructures, client oriented customer support and services. All of these functions combine with each other making high quality services of Vexxhost cheap cloud hosting. Robust facilities and cutting edge technologies produce high network up-time greater than 99.99% and excellent effectiveness and also speed.

Affordable Cost Plans
Second essential quality of Vexxhost cheap cloud hosting services is its pricing schemes that draw me to the company. The values of Vexxhost cheap cloud hosting service are unmatchable and nobody can give you such lowest price options against mission critical level of services. Vexxhost provide you various kinds of awesome options and many wonderful features found in that amazing pricing method. Cheap Cloud hosting packages begin from as low as $ 69.95 per month. That is actually unbelievable when comparing it with world class top quality of services and customer service of Vexxhost cheap cloud hosting company.

1 Month Free Cheap Cloud Hosting Services
Sometimes it doesn’t appear that interesting however I want to give you the reasons for being this as the highest quality of the services. This is the grace period when you are starting your business and you’re already investing a reasonable amount on several types of actions and purchasing. In these circumstances, you get a month free service until you start your business and start earning which will give a great relief on the budget of your own project, believe it! One month free services are a wonderful thing bust think about few other thinks associated with this plan; you don’t need to give upfront price together with you are free to move out if you don’t like it. This amazing part of Vexxhost cheap cloud hosting packages.

Now, I’m delighted with my business and with my cheap cloud hosting service provider; please click here to learn more.