Windows Server Essentials: Still big for small businesses

With its pulling of the plug on Small Business Server (SBS) in 2011, Microsoft encouraged small business (those with as many as 500 users and 500 devices) to go with the new Essentials version of Windows Server. Windows Server 2016, now available for download, has gotten a lot of attention — the 2016 version of Windows Server Essentials, not so much.

Microsoft’s server portfolio had so many great tools that small IT shops requested, but they didn’t want — or couldn’t afford — to set up the required infrastructure. To accomplish that ease, Microsoft put everything in the SBS box: Exchange, SharePoint, SQL Server, and so on. But today, small IT shops can use Office 365 instead.

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For half a decade, the federal government has operated under a policy to prioritize cloud computing as agency CIOs embark on new technology initiatives, but in such a vast and varied IT environment, it’s not been a quick transition.

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Five years into the so-called cloud-first policy, federal CIOs say they continue to struggle with procurement and management challenges, while security concerns about the safeguards around sensitive data still linger.

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