Does Content Matter in SEO

Anyone who has a business profile online will be aware of the importance of Search Engine Optimisation. With phrases such as link building often thrown around, it is important to remember that all SEO techniques are important. Whilst link building can encourage people to get to your website, once they’re there, the last hurdle is the conversion, which is where content matters.

But one thing that is sometimes overlooked is the “on page” element of SEO. That is to say, the things that you can change about your website. And one important area in particular is the website content.

The content is what your customers and visitors see. Although link building helps to bring customers to the site, it is the content and clarity of the site which helps to convert these potential sales. By offering your customers an on-going high level of customer service (which is reflected in the content), you are helping to ensure they are returning customers.

For SEO value, good content is important. Search engine results from sites such as Google rely heavily on the use SEO content to establish the relevance of your site. Remember, though, that if a site has copied or sub-standard content (e.g. with spelling mistakes), then your ranking in search engines will be poor.

So what should you consider when putting your website content together in order to provide the best human experience and to enhance your search engine authority? Well, the first thing is that the content should be unique. It should be relevant, include your keyword (though should not be stuffed with keywords to a point where it reads poorly) it should be updated and fresh. Use text, images and video where possible to ensure the most varied website content. Update it frequently. If the homepage content must be static long term, then consider implementing a blog that is updated regularly, in order that you have some new content on the site frequently. Most important, write your content with human users on mind, not bots!

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