Social Bookmarking Traffic – What You Should Learn

In the past few years the internet has changed quite a bit becoming more social. The internet is no longer a bunch of random PC’s all connected in an anonymous network. The online experience is now very social and real. With the popularity of social websites came social bookmarking sites. A social bookmarking site is a website where you can bookmark all your favorite websites, videos, articles, shopping websites, etc. The benefits of using social bookmarking sites are many. If you have been an internet marketer for awhile, you may already know the how much traffic social bookmarking sites can bring. Here we will discuss tips on driving traffic to your website by using social bookmarking sites.

Attention Grabbing Headlines: Social bookmarking sites get a lot of bookmarks every day. When posting your bookmark, you need to remember to make the headlines stand out from the crowd so they will be noticed by your potential visitors. Submitting bookmarks should be done with your target audience in mind. Many links remain unnoticed on social bookmarking sites just because they weren’t titled properly, which is nothing but losing yet another chance to get a visitor. Your headline is the first thing that will catch the attention of your prospect; if you don’t focus on the headline of your entry, then you get less votes, which makes it harder for you to hit the front page.

Content is King: Ever given much thought to why social bookmarking sites are more advantageous to some websites than others? What magic are they using to obtain so many votes from other users? How you can consistently drive traffic to your site because you always reach the first page over and over again? The answer to these questions is not a secret, but many still refuse to understand it. It has to do with your content. What would explain why people go onto social bookmarking sites? This is because they want to see new information that they can relate to. There are those people who want others to respond to them when they post bookmarks, but their submitted content is not close to being original or sensational. The Internet is going through a phase of information overload. If you want to be noticed, then you have to give your targeted market some new information. Tips for Writing Descriptions: Descriptions are basically a little blurb which supports your headline. You should keep the description on topic and it should support your headline. Creating attention grabbing headlines and a well written description will go a long ways in getting a prospect to click over to your site. Another approach would be to create a controversial headline, these types of headlines are likely to spark interest. Whatever you don’t mislead people, be truthful and you should get good feedback.

No Automation Allowed: When you begin a social bookmarking routine, you will see that you put plenty of time and effort into making the submissions. Because of all of the effort that you put into submitting posts on the social bookmarking site, you might be considering the purchase of automated software to do the work for you. However, if you want your account to be safe and look ethical at it, then you should focus on carrying the process manually. It will not be that difficult to become a bad member when you use these kinds of strategies.

Pass your bookmarking work on to another person to do.

If you want, you can outsource your bookmarking work to someone who can do the job for you. One of the easiest ways to get traffic is through social bookmarking sites. Join the ranks of many other successful webmasters and start social bookmarking your sites today. Remember, quality is key! Give people what they want. In most cases this would be tips, fresh information, or any other type of information they may find useful. Once you start to understand the true power of social bookmarking, you’ll see how effective it is in the long run when it comes to getting targeted visitors.

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