Cloud Computing Service Provider Akamai Completes MPAA Security Assessment

Akamai becomes one of the first cloud computing based online content provider to have achieved the Motion Picture Association of America MPAA dallas pastor criteria for secure online content sharing and optimization.

This was announced by Akamai, the cloud computing based service provider of online content and optimization services on Monday, April 07, 2014 that it has successfully completed the MPAA security assessment criteria for its digital media workflow. The company has become one of the first such companies to have qualified for such security standard.

The company further elaborated in its press release statement, that the company’s cloud computing based media workflow has an integrated element called digital rights management (DRM), which is very vital for the protection of premium online content. With this assessment, the owners of the copyrighted content will be able to get a lot of benefit and economic efficiency offered by the Akamai cloud computing services. It was further informed that the content owners now need to just upload their content; the Akamai services would help to provide the DRM processing facility as well as transcoding and packaging of the source file. This will help the content owners to optimize the delivery of their content with a high level of security.

In his statement, the vice president of the media products and operations at Akamai, Mr. Michael Fay said, “Meeting the rigorous criteria set forth by the MPAA is a meaningful achievement in Akamai’s ongoing commitment to drive innovation in online video and securely deliver the highest possible quality content at scale – Content protection is crucial, and qualifying our workflow through the MPAA assessment adds further credence to Akamai’s goal of being the trusted provider for source and derivative content on the Internet. We plan to continue to evolve Akamai’s online media solutions so that our customers recognize the Akamai partnership as essential for providing the highest quality online experiences. Achieving this recognition requires not only the highest-performing, most reliable cloud storage and global delivery services, but also scalable, secure and consistently high-quality content preparation.”

The company has also announced its DRM partner program, which will focus on the integration of a wide range of DRM providers as well as DRM technologies to the cloud based digital content workflow of Akamai. This integration would offer a wide range of options that are in accordance with their DRM needs.

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