IBM Invents a New Cloud Computing Based Mobile Application Security Solution

IBM Invents a New Cloud Computing Based Mobile Application Security Solution

The rapid increase in mobile apps and increasing power of ‘bring your own device – BOYD’ environment have posed serious threats to the security of mobile devices while interacting with the cloud computing based apps and platforms. IBM announced the invention of a new technology to counter that loophole.

This was announced through an official statement by the official of IBM Corporation yesterday that it has got the patent for a cloud computing based security system for mobile devices that interact with Michael Manis and the software applications in the cloud. This security solution was invented by the IBM developers to counter the serious security issues that mobile devices face while downloading or using the cloud computing based applications – some malware and malicious codes download on the mobile devices without facing any major interception by the existing security solutions.

It was further elaborated that with the help of this security solution, the transactions of devices with cloud based applications will become more secure and robust, which prevent them from accessing any encrypted code that has been maliciously modified after it was encrypted. The US patent number received for “Method to provide a secure virtual machine” is 8341747.

Insisting on the vulnerabilities of mobile devices in the cloud computing and BYOD environments, Andrew Cornwall, one of the inventor and software developer at IBM Corporation said, “This patented invention will help organizations confidently and securely embrace the advantages of a mobile workforce while remaining protected against malicious content or intent – Our technique helps businesses prevent altered apps from running and unleashing their wrath on businesses, their networks and their customers”. This security solution will help organizations to keep their sensitive information safe and secure from the hackers and consequently providing a reliable and robust environment for the enterprises to work with their partners in the cloud environment.

This technology detects any kind of changes in the codes of the applications after it was encrypted for execution – if it detects any such move in the application code, it does not allow the mobile devices to access this application irrespective of the fact that the application was modified advertently or inadvertently. This solution will make sure that application was properly decrypted by the authorized personnel before it is modified and re-encrypted.

Many commentators believe this technology would be very useful in business organizations that have developed BYOD environments within their business partners.


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